How Cybersafe are you?

Every time you sends an email, sends a text message, sends an image, sends a document, or sends data across a network, the privacy of that data will face more than a million direct and indirect hacking attempts within the one second that it will take to get to the other person that you wants to see or hear that message, even if they are in the next room.

However, the reality is that you will never be sure if any or how much of those one million hacking attempts had succeeded in capturing your email or whatever data you had sent over that network.

And if you think that your data security doesn't really matter, or thinks that you may be too insignificant to be spied on; think about the dozens of companies, government officials, company executives, and regular individuals that fell from grace, lost their freedom, and lost their assets simply because of a single element in one of their seemingly ordinary communications that were hacked into or intercepted.

At Cyber Watchdog, we knows about information security, and how important it can be to your personal safety, your privacy, your company's success, your government's image, and your overall reputation.

As such, we strongly encourages you to start your ICT security relationship with us now, which covers an extensive field, including; -

Network underground monitoring

This entails the reverse monitoring of your network for underground spy applications.

Human interface control

Secure all staff communications to function only with your presence or retina approval to send emails.

Building confine security

With this option, both wireless and wired communications are confined to a network not accessible from outside.

Cyber intelligence training

We can train you to attain ultimate cyber security knowledge to stay ahead of even your best IT personnel.